For Daycare or Boarding at 4501 N Ravenswood Avenue, please call the Urban Pooch Canine Life Center at 773.942.6445 or email at

You can also socialize your pooch for daycare at the Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center. Our newest 10,000 sq. foot facility at 5400 N Damen Avenue, which also includes a Fun outdoor space.

Pooches who socialize at our Damen location will be able to come to daycare only at 5400 N Damen, not at our Ravenswood location.  The hours of daycare at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center will be 6:30 am – 7pm, Monday – Friday and also a shortened schedule on Sundays.

For Daycare at 5400 N Damen Avenue questions and to schedule a socialization appointment, call the Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center at 773.961.8880 or email at


Fax (773) 942-6864

Daycare Pricing

Hourly Rate – $5.00/hour, 2-hour minimum

20% discount for 2nd dog within same family.

Special Promo Packages – are available at a discount:

25 hours   –  $115  (Save $ 10)

50 hours   –$215  (Save $ 35)

100 hours – $395   (Save $105)

150 hours –$530   (Save $220)

200 hours – $660   (Save $340)

Daycare and Boarding Requirements

Urban Pooch believes all dogs have the right to a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment. When your pooch comes to join us, we require the following to ensure the safety and health of your best friend(s): Before your dog can stay with us for daycare and/or boarding, s/he must be evaluated and socialized at least 24 hours prior. All dogs must attend daycare at least 2 times before s/he is eligible for an overnight stay. This allows your pooch to become more comfortable with Urban Pooch before staying for a longer period of time.

IMPORTANT DAYCARE UPDATE: No Daycare drop-offs Monday-Friday between 11am and 1pm. This is designed to reduce the busy intake rushes and allow the dogs time for uninterrupted play without the stress of new dogs entering.

Socializations and evaluations take place on throughout the week, by appointment only. During the Holidays, we will also be boarding pooches at our 5400 N Damen Avenue facility.

NOTE: If you’re interested in a specific BOARDING date – please mention it to our staff – so they can alert our team and we will advise what we can do to ensure your pooch can board.

You can call us at (773) 942-6445. Please plan for 2 full hours for socialization based on the above times. There is a $25 fee for socialization – and you receive daycare hours for future visits

  • For Boarding, if space/circumstances allow, dogs without prior reservations can be admitted for an overnight stay as a walk-in for an extra $12 walk-in Fee for the first night.
  • Holiday Overnight boarding is $60 per night during all holidays**. Daycare hours are not applicable to overnight stays.
  • Walks while your dog is boarding or in daycare: $7/walk or Discount Package 10 Walks = $63 (Buy 9, Get 1 Free)
  • We require you to bag up food for your pooch by meal – e.g. breakfast, dinner – and label it, with  your dogs name and breed,  for an overnight stay. We would love for you to bag it, but if that’s not possible, we have to charge you $7/day for our staff to do it – as it is time consuming.

All Dogs Must Be:

  • In Good Health
  • Spayed or Neutered (puppies must be spayed/neutered by 6 months)
  • At least 3 months old
  • Proof of Vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper/DHLPP or Parvo, Bordetella and a fecal exam for parasites within the last 6 months.  In Addition – as of December 1st, 2018, your dog must also have the Flu Vaccine.  ***WE REQUIRE FECAL EXAMS EVERY 6 MONTHS
  • Have a City of Chicago dog license if 4 months or older (Municipal Code 7-12-140)
In order to get to know you and your pooch, we ask that you fill out a few forms.

Please make certain to provide us with current vaccinations when you go to your vet.  Our records must show your pooch has current vaccinations and a parasite free fecal exam EVERY 6 MONTHS to ensure the safety of all the pooches that play at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center.  We have the right to refuse your pooch if your vaccinations in our systems are expired.

Hours for Pick-up and Drop-off

You may pick up or drop off your dog between the hours of:

  • 6:30 AM and 7 PM – Monday through Friday
  • 7 AM and 6 PM – Saturday
  • 9 AM and 5 PM – Sunday
Late Night Pick-up is available 7 nights/week (with a few exceptions throughout the year).
  • Additional charges apply for Late Night Pick-up – $9/hour
  • Arrangements must be made in advance and dog must be dropped off during normal hours of operation
  • Prepayment is required for all Late Night Pick-ups
  • If pooch does stay overnight, standard boarding rate will apply.
When picking up Late Night, you may pick-up at our back door until Midnight. Call 312.810.9143 and our Counselors will bring your pooch to you.  Please do not knock on the doors or windows, as it disturbs our neighbors.
NOTE: Boarding dogs picked-up after 11 am will be charged the hourly daycare fee for that day.
** Urban Pooch Holidays – Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend.