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We’re all about FUN! Come play with us and learn a thing or two!

Classes are designed so you can drop into one or attend multiple classes to achieve Champion status!

Obedience & Agility Classes

  • Classes are designed to let you drop into one class or take as many as you like.

  • You can pay per-class or when you purchase a 10-pack you’ll recieve one free class!

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FUN Training Classes Available Now!


Click on the boxes below for class descriptions.

Who knew your dog could actually play beach ball and make a goal? Join us so your pooch can learn how to master the art of Beach Ball Hockey. We’ll even be scheduling tournaments later in the summer. Take 1 class or continue with multiple to master this Summer Fun!

Teach your dog to catch the Frisbee in mid-air and bring it back to you. This is a great skill to master at the beach!

We will work with you & your dog to have your pup come to you when called. Attend 1 class or more to fine-tune speed to your recall.

A FUN class that introduces you & your pooch to the sport of Agility—gain experience with the equipment that is used by champions. Attend 1 class to test the waters or keep coming to advance your skills.

We will offer a new and fun class each week—that will have a specific focus. An example might be to teach your dog to GIVE YOU A HIGH FIVE!

30 minutes one-on-one lesson with a trainer—where you can focus on any topic(s) that you want to fine-tune with your dog.

We will help teach you & your pooch to master the art of fetching a toy—and returning it to you. Attend 1 class or multiple classes to learn this essential beach outings skill.

Our Senior Trainers will answer your training questions!

For those pups who have already taken Agility classes and can do all the agility obstacles confidently. This class will work on handling sequences to help you fine tune your skills. You can attend 1 class or multiple classes, depending on your goals. FUN!


Standard Classes = $20 for 20 minutes

Private Lesson = $30 for 30 minutes

Agility Training Class = $25 for 25 minutes

Private Agility Class = $50 for 30 minutes

You can pay for classes at Montrose Beach with the Mutt Jackson Team Member. If you have any questions please email us at ed@urbanpooch.com.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Friday, 9.7 Classes Canceled due to Fence Installation; Saturday 9.8 – We will begin at 2pm.