Pet Dental Month product ideas

Is it stressful for you and for your dog to brush their teeth?  Have you ever wished there was something you could use that doesn’t require brushing? Here’s a few ideas:

kissablefoamKissable Instant Fresh Breath Dog Foam for Dogs is an all natural dog breath foamer that instantly freshens breath, fights plaque build-up and promotes excellent oral hygiene!

This all natural breath foamer combines the deodorizing powers of baking soda and peppermint with the anti-bacterial power of aloe vera. (Which all promote excellent oral cleanliness resulting in fresher breath and a more Kissable dog!)

Instant Fresh Breath Foam has a sweet-tasting minty foam that immediately adheres to teeth to gently clean, sanitize and loosen plaque build-up WITHOUT USING A TOOTHBRUSH!

Just pump some of this kissable foam onto your pooch’s teeth and the foam will work it’s magic!

Super Awesome Features!

  • Made in the USA (Winning!)
  • Freshens even the worst dog breath
  • Helps improve oral cleanliness
  • Has antibacterial and deodorizing properties
  • Helps fight plaque build-up
  • All natural
  • No rinsing required
  • Sweet tasty minty flavor

Size: 8 fl oz.

Directions for use: Gently pump foam directly onto teeth and gums, on all sides of the mouth (or you can pump it into your hand and then transfer to dog’s mouth).

For best results, use daily!

Merrick Li’L Brush Bones

Merrick Brush Bones closeup

Merrick Lil Brush BonesNothing stinks more than having to brush your dogs teeth (except maybe your dog’s breath!).  Take the frustration out of your dog’s daily dental maintenance with Merrick Brush Bones!

Merrick Brush Bones are tasty to dogs and highly digestible, all-natural dental chews that will fight plaque and tartar while treating your dog to a delicious snack.  Not only do they help clean your dog’s teeth, but they freshen their breath too!

Merrick Brush Bones are better than many comparable dental bones on the market because they are all-natural, grain free and gluten free! They are also potato based (first ingredient), making them very easily digestible and are especially great for dogs that have sensitive tummies!

As always with Merrick products, all the ingredients are sourced right here in the US! Merrick Brush Bones come in packs in 3 different sizes so you can bring home the proper treat for your dog to enjoy.

Matt’s dogs, Jake and Mugsy, have tasted tested these treats and give them two paws up! Come try for yourself!


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