Pooch of the Week: AUDREY

Our Pooch of the Week is AUDREY! As told to us by Matt – who works on Front Desk and Retail:

Whoever said no lady has ever looked good with a beard has clearly never met our newest Pooch of the Week, AUDREY!

AUDREY melts our staffs’ hearts when she comes by to play in our daycare with her friends. She always wears her Darth Vader name tag, which goes to show just how hip she is!

She’s not always about fun and games though! Sometimes AUDREY stops in to see our grooming specialists for a good old fashioned spa day and haircut too! And could you blame her? With a beard that would make Grizzly Adams tremble in his grave, AUDREY loves to keep her hair looking fabulous!

We love you AUDREY! Thanks for letting us get to know you more and more each day!


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