Reducing Dog Anxiety During 4th of July Fireworks

The 4th of July fireworks can be very stressful for dogs. Loud noises from fireworks can cause them to run under the bed scared or pace the room nervously. Fortunately, we have 4 products available in our store at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center that dog-parents can use to reduce their dog’s anxiety during independence day.


Wrapping your dog in a Thundershirt during fireworks or other stressful events can relax them because it provides gentle and constant pressure. Often times dogs calm down immediately after putting on the Thundershirt. This is an easy option to sooth and relax your dog quickly, so they can take a nap rather than anxiously barking or hiding under the bed.

Comfort Zone DAP Diffuser

Comfort Zone DAP Diffusers release safe, drug-free vapor that mimics the natural pheromone released by a mother-dog to make her puppies feel safe and secure. These products can reduce your dog’s stress during the loud banging of a fireworks show by using pheromones to signal to them that they are in safe. You can plug in the diffuser or spray their bedding and crate to disperse the scent. Both options are available in our store at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center.

Zen Licks

Zen LICKS is a pill-free, health supplement that promotes calmest in your dog during times of environmentally induced stress like thunderstorms or fireworks. You can pour the liquid over their food or give it to them directly. The all-natural ingredients will relax and comfort them when they’re feeling stressed.

Rescue Remedy

Put 2 drops of Rescue Remedy in your dog’s drinking water or directly in their mouth to relax them before traumatic situations like fireworks or thunderstorms. Rather than being timid or scared Rescue Remedy can restore confidence and calm to your dog. Bach Flower Remedies are 100% safe for animals.

Come by our store at 4501 N. Ravenswood Ave. this weekend, and we’ll help you find the best product to keep your dog comfortable and happy this Independence Day!


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