Pooches of the Week: Bear & Ollie

As shared by Carmellia, one of our drivers of the Playtime Express.

BEAR is a two year-old black Pomeranian and her brother, OLLIE is also two years old, but he’s cream in color.

BEAR may be small, but she’s feisty and can hold her own. She lets dogs know that she don’t play. OLLIE on the other hand, is a little more laid back. Carmellia loves them so much.

She lets them ride shot gun on the Pooch van when she picks them up and drops them off. Even though they can walk, Carmellia carries them everywhere. She spoils them badly.

She gives them lots of love and treats when they get home. They simply can do no wrong in her eyes. 🙂 They are very special to her and that’s why she had chosen them as POTW.

Congratulations to BEAR, OLLIE and their Mom, Jessica – they each get 4 hours of daycare on us!
(Not Mom, just the pooches – he he)

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Pooch of the Week: Kona

As told to us by Matt, who is part of our Retail Pooch Pack:

Everyone meet KONA! She is our newest Pooch of the Week!

KONA is a beautiful Husky with the sweetest demeanor. She always brightens our day when she prances through our front door. KONA is 10 months-old and loves to romp around with her friends Lulu and Leroy Brown in our largest playroom.

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Pooch of the Week: Oscar

OSCAR is a 2 year-old German shepherd mix who regularly attends daycare and stays over for some boarding.
His best friends are Kalin the Aussie and Emma S the lab mix. He spends his days running around & socializing and his afternoons napping.
On the outside, OSCAR  sometimes gets scared of things, but when he’s at Urban Pooch with his pack of friends, he’s super confident! We’re so proud of him!
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Pooch of the Week: Arwen

Give a big round of applause to our Pooch of the Week: ARWEN! ARWEN is a gorgeous 3 year-old mixed breed pooch who has been coming to play (and stay) with us for over 2 years! ARWEN is friends with everyone she meets at Urban Pooch and she has different friends with whom she plays vs cuddles.
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