Ask A Trainer

Our Ask A Trainer service is a one-time service we offer at a discounted rate of $35 for new clients. It gives new training clients a 30-minute session via Zoom or phone where you can ask one of our professional trainers anything you would like for the time period. You can talk about your training goals, ask questions about a problem your dog is having or inquire more about our training options at UPTFC. If later on you want to follow up on any of these discussion points and want a more focused lesson to overcome these issues and build skills, then you would need to book either an onsite private or Zoom private instead.

This service is limited to new customers only and is limited to one per customer. 

To book a session via Zoom click here

To book a session via a phone call click here

Via this page, you can choose which trainer you work with and the time/date of the appointment.  

Please note that in order to schedule this training session you will need to create a login and pay at the time of booking. You can do this directly through the website. Please note that our calendar will not allow you to book appointments more than 2 months in advance. 

What Our Customers Say

We’re proud to provide the city’s largest team of differentiated, award-winning trainers, who can solve any behavior issue.