Edge Fest Pet Parade

Agility Demo & Pet Parade at Edge Fest

Agility Demo for WGN TV

We’re so proud of our Head Trainer, Jim Bahr, on his amazing agility demonstration for WGN TV with his champion border collie, Pressure! Watch our LIVE Video of the broadcast to right. And check out WGN’s article and video on their website here.

Pet Parade!

Edgewater really pulled out all the stops for their first ever Pet Parade at Edge Fest, and the neighborhood’s pets didn’t disappoint! The winner of the best Pet Costume contest was Beyonce and her two body guards! An English Bulldog as Wonder Woman and a Corgi dressed as a CTA train also made appearances! Check our our Instagram videos of the parade and follow us on Instagram to watch all of our adventures by clicking here.

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Reducing Dog Anxiety During 4th of July Fireworks

The 4th of July fireworks can be very stressful for dogs. Loud noises from fireworks can cause them to run under the bed scared or pace the room nervously. Fortunately, we have 4 products available in our store at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center that dog-parents can use to reduce their dog’s anxiety during independence day.


Wrapping your dog in a Thundershirt during fireworks or other stressful events can relax them because it provides gentle and constant pressure. Often times dogs calm down immediately after putting on the Thundershirt. This is an easy option to sooth and relax your dog quickly, so they can take a nap rather than anxiously barking or hiding under the bed.

Comfort Zone DAP Diffuser

Comfort Zone DAP Diffusers release safe, drug-free vapor that mimics the natural pheromone released by a mother-dog to make her puppies feel safe and secure. These products can reduce your dog’s stress during the loud banging of a fireworks show by using pheromones to signal to them that they are in safe. You can plug in the diffuser or spray their bedding and crate to disperse the scent. Both options are available in our store at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center.

Zen Licks

Zen LICKS is a pill-free, health supplement that promotes calmest in your dog during times of environmentally induced stress like thunderstorms or fireworks. You can pour the liquid over their food or give it to them directly. The all-natural ingredients will relax and comfort them when they’re feeling stressed.

Rescue Remedy

Put 2 drops of Rescue Remedy in your dog’s drinking water or

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#LiveLikeRoo Ice Cream Social at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center

Thank you to everyone who came out to our #LiveLikeRoo Ice Cream Social at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center! Live Like Roo Foundation is an amazing organization that works with families with dogs who have cancer. Today we got to meet Cheese, the chihuahua, and Tita enjoyed some delicious pulled pork Arrfscarf ice cream!

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Mother’s Day Photos at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center

Happy Mother’s Day from the Urban Pooch family! Thank you for making us part of your family! This year we’re donating a portion of the proceeds from our Mother’s Day photos to Chicago Canine Rescue. They’re a wonderful organization working hard to care for the most vulnerable dogs in our community.

Enjoy these fun photos of our dog-moms (and dads) at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center.

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Diapers and Doggies – Saturday, Nov. 12th

Diapers & Doggies Seminar for Expecting Parents

Saturday, Nov. 12th: 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm – at 5400 N Damen Avenue

Featuring Special Guest Speaker

Alicia Obando – Pitter Patter Parenting and our Head Trainer, Jim Bahr.

Discussion will be on what can you do to help your pooch feel comfortable with your growing family.

• How to introduce the new addition

• Tips & tricks to make the transition easier

• How to identify signs of stress in your pooch

PLEASE PRE-REGISTER by Calling 773-961-8880 or email us at info@urbanpoochtraining.com

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Urban Pooch Howl-O-Ween Party and Costume Contest – Thursday Oct. 27th

We are Sooooo Excited to host our Annual Urban Pooch Howl-O-Ween Party & Costume Contest! Besides having fun drinks and nibbles – plus lots of socializing – we’re going to award some really great prizes!! We’ll also have our resident photographers taking professional photos of all our amazing pooch participants! We’ll have a backdrop and setting for you and your pooch(es) to get an amazing photo!

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Scariest — Most Adorable — Most Original — Best Dog/Owner Combo — and also Best Overall Costume

Please sign up and register in advance.

Click here:  http://bit.ly/UrbanPoochCostume2016

Hope to see you at the big party! WOOF!

IMPORTANT – the party is at our new location at 5400 N Damen Avenue – The Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center.



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6th Annual Fall Harvest Pooch Costume Contest and Parade – at Apple Fest 2016

6th Annual Fall Harvest Pooch Costume Contest & Parade

Saturday, October 1st – 8:30 am

sponsored by

Urban Pooch Canine Life Center and Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center


The 6th Annual Fall Harvest Pooch Costume Contest & Parade – Sponsored by Urban Pooch Canine Life Center. An amazingly FUN opportunity to parade your special pooch in front of our special panel of judges in hope of winning great prizes and parading around Lincoln Square.

Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:  Scariest — Most Adorable — Most Creative — and BEST Costumel! FUN TIMES!

PLEASE REGISTER Prior to the event by going to http://bit.ly/PoochCostumeContest2016

ON-SITE CHECK-IN BEGINS AT 8:30 AM, Contest and parade at 9 am – 10:30 amapplefest2016-smallerimage-newsletter

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OPEN GYM begins Sat., Nov. 7th!

OPEN GYM Begins Sat., Nov. 7th at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center

The weather is starting to get chilly, and we’re getting to that time of year when a nice warm, bright place to play means FUN and Exercise is oh so convenient for Mom or Dad to enjoy with your pooch!

We’re very excited to announce that OPEN GYM will begin on Saturday, Nov. 7th to meet this very important need.

In fact, we’ll have 3 different days of the week to satisfy the need for play:

OPEN GYM – Available Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday

Saturday 9:30am – 11:00am

Sunday 9:30am – 11:00am

Wednesday  9:00 am – 10:30 am

Open Gym is intended for dog friendly pooches to come play, have some fun, and exercise to their hearts content with Mom and/or Dad present!

OPEN GYM is $10 per session

You can also add guided TREADMILL TIME to your Open Gym experience.  $15 for 15 minutes or $30 for 30 minutes


  • Please make certain to let your dog potty PRIOR to entering the facility
  • All dogs allowed into Open Gym must provide current vaccinations which include Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, and a clean fecal within the last 6 months.
  • Owners must be present in room with their dog(s) at all times.  If you need to leave the room, please bring him/her with you or ask a UPTFC staff member for assistance.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up any mess their dog(s) may make.
  • Upon entering & exiting UPTFC, all dogs must be on leash.  Dogs are only aloud off leash in designated areas.
  • Dogs should not meet while on leash, as Leash Aggression is a common & undiagnosed behavioral issue for even the friendliest canines.
  • Please keep a close eye on your dog at all times, as you are responsible for any
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Keep your pets safe in cold weather!

Berwyn, Joplin and Jessie Ray make their appearance on NBC 5 Chicago and CBS 2 Chicago news to teach everyone about pet safety in these inclement temps. We love keeping our pooch parents informed and continue to bring you the best products for keeping warm this winter.

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