Pamper Your Pooch!


Grooming & Spa

The Urban Pooch Grooming team uses quality, natural, wholesome products to ensure your pooch leaves looking and feeling like a superstar! Bathing and Grooming are available every day of the week.

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We give you everything you need to make your dog shine like a champion! Enjoy a hands-on experience with your pooch without any mess or drama at home. Our facility can accommodate dogs of all sizes with state of the art tubs and K-9 hair dryers.

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Massage & Reiki

Urban Pooches LOVE massages. Your pooch will feel like a puppy after his/her massage. Our massage therapists are licensed, experienced professionals and will consult with you prior to the massage to make certain it’s an incredible experience that leaves your canine smiling inside and out.

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Because it’s important to capture those special moments between you and your pooch, Urban Pooch has a built-in photo studio. We work with two professional pet photographers who can transform the love you share with your canine into amazing photographs.

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