Nutrition for your Pooch

Urban Pooch Canine Life Center cares about all our pooch customers and we want to help you raise the healthiest and happiest dog on Earth! So – it’s important to start with what you feed your pooch. So many times, we’ve assisted customers in switching to a more healthy – and tastier food for their dog – and the results are nothing short of amazing.

Not only will your pooch Love what they’re eating – but a healthier diet means a longer, happier life for your pooch!

Our staff is extensively trained on dog and cat nutrition. We see all the food on the market and make choices to carry only the very best in terms of all natural and healthy food. You will ALWAYS find the best at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center.

And, we’re here to help you choose the very best food – at any time that is convenient for you. And, there is never any charge for one of our special Food Consultations.

Is your pooch tired of their current food or variety? We can help you put some excitement in their bowl!

Did you just adopt a new family member from a rescue? Or bring a new puppy home? Is your pooch allergic to grains? We can help you with that most important choice of what to feed that beautiful soul with two ears and a wagging tail!

Just call us or come in — and we’ll greet you with a smile, ask a few questions and then show you some options and give you suggestions on what we think is best. If you can, please bring in your pooch with you – as it always helps to have you both there when we’re talking about Nutrition.

A Sample Of Brands We Carry

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NEW Parent & Pooch Morning Fitness Class


Mondays 6:30 – 7:30 am – begins 1/13/17

Saturdays 8 am – 9 am – begins 1/15/17

Classes at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center – 5400 N Damen Avenue (corner of Balmoral)



URBAN POOCH is the ONLY STORE in the WORLD where you can get them thru the end of January 2018