Keep your pets safe in cold weather!

Berwyn, Joplin and Jessie Ray make their appearance on NBC 5 Chicago and CBS 2 Chicago news to teach everyone about pet safety in these inclement temps. We love keeping our pooch parents informed and continue to bring you the best products for keeping warm this winter.

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Calming Your Dog’s Anxiety during Air and Water Show

This weekend is Chicago’s annual “Air & Water Show” along the lakefront.

The Blue Angels who were absent from last year’s show will be back this year.   These jets create sudden & piercing noises especially from the sonic booms flying up and down the lakefront and over The North Side of Chicago.

You can clearly hear the jets inside of most houses and all around the neighborhoods.

The show runs Friday through Sunday with the loud jet and sonic boom noises, which can create high anxiety and stress in many pooches with all of the loud noises coming from these jets.

While your pooch is at Urban Pooch – if they are bothered by the noises, we do our best to comfort them and often turn on our exhaust fans which muffle these outside noises, often helping to calm them down.

If you are searching for something to help calm your pooch down at home – We have a few different items which can help and can even be used in combination.

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New product – SNAPZ! – Only at Urban Pooch in Chicago

Introducing SNAPZ!™ Say it with Snapz!™

Snap them to Snapz! Cord . . . plus dog collars, dog leashes, backpacks, shoelaces, hair ties, wristbands, spirals, sneakers, belt loops and more! The possibilities are endless — it’s an amazing NEW WAY to who the world what inspires you, what you love, what your pooch loves, why you love your pooch — you get the idea!

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Your Winter Coat Headquarters

Urban Pooch is the Winter Coat Headquarters for all things Dog. Come in and check out our amazing variety – across all sizes, colors and styles. Horse Blanket Coats, Puffer Coats, Smart Sweaters, and Hoodie Jackets, not to mention Chicago Bears Coats. Plus, it’s just plain fun to try on coats – our staff is always there to assist.

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