FLOYD is our Pooch of the Week! We absolutely adore FLOYD the Frenchie!

FLOYD has a beautiful blue fawn color that really makes him stand out in the pooch pack (and his cute scrunchy face too!). His big perky ears always detect when someone is talking about how adorable he is. 

Our head handler, Dylan, coined the nickname “cash money” for FLOYD because he’s named after Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the famous American boxer.

FLOYD has the sunniest disposition and is usually seen darting through our front door past his mom and dad! He’s always so excited to get back to the playroom to see his best pals Puck the English bulldog and Oliver the border collie!

FLOYD has been coming to Urban Pooch since he was 4 months old. He radiates confidence and his “I think I’m actually a big dog” attitude proves it. He LOVES being in our biggest playroom with our larger boys and girls!

Matt, who is part of our Retail Pooch Pack, also noticed that FLOYD was caught inside Urban Pooch with a Blackhawks shirt on, which made him love FLOYD double as much since he’s a big Blackhawks fan too!

We’re so happy that we’ve had the pleasure to meet FLOYD as a tiny puppy and watch him grow into the tough guy he is. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. Brink! We know you must be so proud of your little boy! Congratulations on getting 4 free hours of daycare!

P.S. we couldn’t help but share another pic of FLOYD being beyond cute!