As told to us by our Pooch Pack Handler, Joey Gadberry: This week’s pooch of the week is LUKE!

LUKE is a very dapper Great Pyrenees/ White Golden Retriever mix, who is 5 years old.

Upon walking through the gate to come into daycare he steals the show, whipping his fluffy tail back and forth tirelessly. Great Pyrenees’ are said to be confident, affectionate, and strong-willed dogs and LUKE is no exception.

He always takes time out of his day to greet and get a pet from all of the handlers as well as the employees upfront.

He is also adept at knowing when someone is not happy, as I remember one day in the playroom some of life’s issues were bugging me, that is until LUKE came up out of nowhere and gave me a huge wet kiss right on the nose then sat down and waited for me to pet him.

Not only does he make his parents and friends happy, LUKE also has a diverse range of playmates at Pooch! He loves to sniff around with FRANCES the German Shepherd, LULU the Pitbull, and LOLA the Great Dane!

Alec and Jeanette thank you so much for allowing us all to get to know your wonderful boy! Congratulations to you both and LUKE – and getting awarded 4 hours of daycare