TINI & DEXTER are our Pooches of the Week! DEXTER, (a year-old Golden/ Shepherd mix) started coming in to shop with his sister – TINI (a 7-year-old Terrier mix) and his Mom and Dad soon after he was adopted.

When DEXTER first started coming in, he was very fearful, especially to anything outside his home or anybody other than his Mom, Dad, and Sister. I wanted to be his friend from the beginning, but he wasn’t to keen on that idea.

Then one day (I think TINI told him it would be worth it!), I was on the floor with him attempting to try on some collars….and out of nowhere he jumped in my lap and started kissing my face! From that point on we became best friends and I am so glad that TINI encouraged her brother!

Soon after that DEXTER and TINI started coming to daycare at Urban Pooch. Initially, we thought DEXTER would be afraid, but he quickly showed us that he ADORES other dogs and is a totally confident boy when he is back with his friends! TINI, on the other hand, would much rather come along to drop DEXTER off and enjoy treats once he leaves to go play with his pals. She loves shopping with Mom and Dad!

DEXTER and TINI are two amazing pooches who have a very special relationship. We love you two!!

Kevin and Hilary – you are amazing parents. Thanks for sharing DEXTER and TINI with our Pooch Pack! Congratulations on getting 4 free hours of daycare!