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Manners & Obedience Training

Like a gym membership, for your dog!

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Urban Pooch LEVELS
Manners & Obedience Training

Comparable to a gym membership for your dog, Urban Pooch's innovative LEVELS program offers unlimited training sessions during your enrollment.

Instead of being restricted to one class at the same time of day each week, your LEVELS membership allows you to select from a number of weekly offerings, attending as many or as few classes as your schedule allows.

You’ll never fret over schedule changes or make-up fees!

Our Training Ambassadors can answer any questions you might have. If you want to learn more, give us a call at 773-961-8880 or email us at info@urbanpoochtraining.com. Please see below for more details and registration info. 

How It Works | How to Get Signed Up

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5

Pricing | Items to Bring to Class

Policy on Payment, Refunds, Cancellations

How It Works

Our Urban Pooch LEVELS memberships has two options to make training easy and impactful. You can choose either an Unlimited Membership ($295) or a 6-Pack of Classes ($210). See details below. 

The most economical Unlimited Monthly Membership renews on a monthly basis just like a gym membership until you opt to cancel your membership. Please note that you can cancel your membership at any time.With the Unlimited Monthly Membership, you may attend as many classes as you wish as long as the class is at your dog's appropriate LEVEL and you have made a reservation beforehand. 

Urban Pooch LEVELS Office Hours
Do you have a question you keep forgetting to ask in class? Have you noticed a change in your puppy's behavior lately that has you thinking, "is this normal?" Are you wondering how to apply the LEVELS curriculum to a particular situation at home?

Urban Pooch LEVELS Office Hours is your opportunity to join your fellow classmates in a group Zoom Meeting with one of our awesome LEVELS instructors and get your questions answered. You can drop-in for a few minutes to ask a question or stay for the entire 45 min. session. We're here to provide some extra guidance from your favorite Trainers.
  • Exclusive to Monthly Unlimited Memberships
   45 minutes ZOOM Sessions
  • 2-3x/month based on sign-ups
  • Different days/time so everyone can take advantage in a given month

Urban Pooch LEVELS Private Facebook Group
  • A chance to connect with your fellow Pooch Parents who are also participating in Urban Pooch LEVELS
  • Ask questions, share your experience, triumphs & victories
  • Brag about your Pooch and their accomplishments
  • Or get some answers when your wheels are spinning
  • Urban Pooch LEVELS Trainers will also answer questions every day when they check into the forum.

Level-Up & Graduation

Regardless of prior knowledge or previous training, all dogs are required to start in Level 1. To ensure that your pooch’s foundational knowledge will prepare them for success as they advance.

Since there is no formal schedule for your enrollment, moving up to the next level depends on your pooch’s individual progress. Once your dog is able to execute a certain level's requirements, a trainer will let you know that they are ready to advance to the next level. This process allows your dog to move at his or her own pace!

If you ever think that you and your dog need to brush up on skills from a previous level that you have graduated from, you are always free to pop into any Urban Pooch LEVELS class below your current level during your membership.

How to Register

All students must attend either an in-person orientation or pre-recorded orientation in order to join the program. Please note in-person orientations are for humans only--no dogs. 

Registering Via In-Person Orientation

We offer in-person orientations once a month on Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Saturdays at 10:15am.

To begin the registration process for in-person orientations, please fill out this training intake form.

Once you submit the form, our training team will review the form and, if you are approved for the program, reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule an orientation date and collect your payment information. Your membership will begin the day of orientation. 

Registering Via Pre-Recorded Orientation

To begin the registration process for pre-recorded orientations, please fill out this training intake form.

Once you submit the form, our training team will review the form and, if you are approved for the program, reach out to you within 48 hours with a link to watch the pre-recorded orientation as well as a link to pay for your monthly membership and to select the start date of that membership.

Age Requirements: LEVELS is designed for dogs 4-months or older.

Vaccination & Health Requirements: Click here to view our vaccination requirements.

Level 1 - Beginner


-Basic Commands such as Sit, Down, and Eye Contact
-Focus Work: Attention to you in a distracting environment
-Name Recognition and Response
-Preparation for Leash Walking
-Treat-Training Mechanics and Timing

Level 2 - Building on Good behavior


-Introduction to Leash Walking Skills
-Building a Rock Solid Stay
-Recall Foundations
-Preparing for Polite Greetings
-Continuing Focus and Engagement
-Introduction to "Drop" and "Leave It"

Level 3 - Distraction Work


-Developing Advanced Loose Leash Walking Skills with Distractions
-Distance Recall with Distractions
-Longer Sit and Down Stays
-Passing and Ignoring other Dogs
-Proper Greetings with New People and Dogs

Level 4 - Advanced (Working Toward Canine Good Citizen)


-All CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Test Items
-Advanced Position Changes
-Advanced Recall with Distractions
-Real-World Walking Challenges
-Proofing Challenging Stays
-Reducing Reliance on Treats and Toys
-and MORE!


The sky's the limit in Level 5! You and your dog may continue to participate for months or even years, as new topics can be consistently added to challenge pooch and parent. 

Some focus points in class are:

-Building Off-Leash Reliability
-Off-Leash Responsibility: recognizing when it's appropriate and safe for your dog to be off leash
-Introduction to Therapy Dog Training
-Tricks and Performance Routines
-Formal Obedience Exercises
-Canine Fitness Work
-Advanced Training Topics. such as Marker Systems and Multiple Reward Currencies


Unlimited Monthly Training for $295

  • Come to as many classes as you'd like without fear of running out.
  • The average Urban Pooch LEVELS Student attends 10 classes a month--that's less than $30/class. A better deal for you!
  • Access to Exclusive Benefits (see details below)
    • Urban Pooch LEVELS Office Hours
     Urban Pooch LEVELS Private Facebook Page

6 Class Punchcard for $210

  • Great option if you don't have time to take advantage of the Unlimited class offerings.
  • Only $35/Class. Switch to Unlimited for a 14% Discount! 
  • Smaller financial commitment for new students or students on a budget.
  • Re-up or switch to Unlimited anytime!


Items to Bring to Class

Please click here to view what items you should bring with you to your session.

Policy on Payment, Refunds & Freezing Packages

Reserving Your Spot and Initial Payment
All classes and training services must be paid in full at sign-up in order to reserve your spot.

Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center cannot offer any refunds for training services at this time. All sales are final.

Policy on Freezing Packages
All requests to freeze or unfreeze LEVELS packages must be addressed and approved by one of our Training Ambassadors who you can contact directly via our front desk phone line or at: info@urbanpoochtraining.com.

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