URBAN POOCH is the ONLY STORE in the WORLD where you can get them thru the end of January 2018   

At Urban Pooch, we think TEARRIBLES™ are the answer to all your dog’s prayers. We’re ecstatic that Urban Pooch is the FIRST STORE IN THE WORLD to carry them EXCLUSIVELY thru the end of January 2018!!  

TERRIBLES are the first line of innovative dog toys that cater to dogs’ prey instincts. They are interactive toys that your dog can “tear apart” over and over again, and you can put right back together in seconds.  

TEARRIBLES come in different sizes, contain a corresponding-size squeaker, and a patented pocket compartment that allows limbs, tail, and/or tentacles to be detached and reattached to the toy over, and over, and over again…without actually destroying the toy. How cool is that? Finally, a dog toy built with dog’s needs and instincts in mind! 


TERRIBLES are made of strong plush and lined with durable mesh for added support. The limbs (and tail) are attached to the toy via industrial-strength velcro, by being tucked into the patented “pockets” in the body of the toy. So they never fall off by accident! FUN – right?! 


The toys have been tested and approved by Emma, a full-grown boxer, an 80lb pit bull, and the rest of my pack. The test TERRIBLES have been with the creating team for 90 days, and aside from being very slobbery, there is not a single hole or tear in them. However, I know sometimes that Berwyn, our CEO, sits like a surgeon and works attentively on one tiny corner, dissecting it until he gets just a little fluff out of it. BUT – we think if he can rip those arms and legs off – it may just satisfy that drive to destroy toys! We’ll see. 


Come on into either the Urban Pooch Canine Life Center or Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center – to see the products, try them out, play with them a little – and then hopefully buy one, or two – or all three of them for your pooch. TERRIBLES also make GREAT GIFTS for all the dogs in your circle of Love. And, you’re guaranteed to be a favorite Auntie or Uncle when you give them a dog toy they cannot get anywhere else! That special Pooch will be the first on their block to have these Amazingly Innovative and FUN interactive toys. As you’ll see each of them has a distinct personality. Come on in and MEET The TERRIBLES!