Urban Pooch Agility Club

The Urban Pooch Agility Club is an exclusive, invitation-only club for our most experienced and dedicated Agility students. We invite ONLY our more advanced students whom we know will benefit most from this Membership. Once our Agility instructors identify a student as experienced, skilled and dedicated enough to this canine sport, we send them a secret invitation to join this club!

Membership in the Urban Pooch Agility Club includes the following benefits:

An Urban Pooch Agility Club Membership is just $50 per month. And, even if you have multiple dogs in our agility programs, you still only need 1 Membership!*

*All dogs participating in the Urban Pooch Agility Club must be experienced agility dogs who have been enrolled in Agility 3, Advanced or Masters classes here at Urban Pooch. Additionally, they must have a training release on file w/ Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center and all of their required health records must be up-to-date in our online system. When booking slots in Agility Office Hours or Agility Practice sessions, you will need to reserve more than 1 spot if you are bringing more than 1 dog to participate. However, for Agility Ring Rentals you are permitted to bring multiple dogs from your household--if they meet the requirements mentioned above--for no extra fee.

For questions related to the Urban Pooch Agility Club, please email info@urbanpoochtraining.com.

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