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Dog Boarding

We do not offer boarding at our 5400 N damen ave facility.

 ALL BOARDING FUN IS AT 4501 N Ravenswood Ave at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center. Click here for more information.

We are currently accepting new clients for boarding at 4501 N Ravenswood Avenue. Please call 773-942-6445 to schedule a socialization test at least 3 weeks prior to your desired Boarding Date. We are not accepting new clients for boarding at 5400 N.Damen Ave.

Your dog will have a great time spending the night with Urban Pooch. Comfy beds provided – No cages ever. Overnight, dogs sleep in an open pack accompanied by a counselor. Our overnight playrooms are set up with Kuranda beds & blankets, but most pooches end up on the bed with the counselors. 

NOTE: after your socialization test is completed, your pooch will be required to visit our facility at least two times for daycare before boarding. We do this to ensure they are acclimated and familiar with our environment.

$70 per night – reservation required* and $30 deposit
$80 per night - Holiday Boarding

Feeding - $2 per meal, free if you provide your own food.

IMPORTANT- Please prepare your food

We require you to bag up food for your pooch by meal – e.g. breakfast, dinner – and label it, with your dog’s name and breed,  for an overnight stay. We would love for you to bag it, but if that’s not possible, we have to charge you $7/day for our employees to do it – as it is time-consuming.

Loving Extras for Your Pooch While Boarding


Each dog must complete a 2-hour Socialization. At the beginning of the Socialization, you and your dog will meet with a Daycare Counselor who will show you our facility and explain our procedures. After a brief interview with you and your dog, our Daycare Counselor will take your dog into the daycare room and observe how they interact with the rest of the pack.

You can stay and watch your dog on our daycare cameras or leave and return at the end of the 2-hour appointment. At the end, our Daycare Counselor will give you a report card explaining how your dog behaved in the daycare room. If your dog fits well in the pack they are welcome to come back anytime during daycare hours. Most dogs pass Socialization with flying colors and make many new human and dog-friends in the process!

Appointments for Socializations are available Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 2:00pm. Please schedule a Socialization appointment by calling 773.961.8880 or emailing us at

In order to get to know you and your pooch, we ask that you fill out a few forms.

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Hours for Pick Up and Drop Off

Overnight Boarding

Overnight, dogs sleep in individual, comfortable runs in which they have quiet, personal space after a full day of play. 

Pet Daycare

Your pet will have the freedom to frolic in a spacious indoor and outdoor play area. Separate play areas for large dogs, small dogs, senior pets, and cats. 


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