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Like a gym membership, for your dog!

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Urban Pooch LEVELS Obedience Training

Comparable to a gym membership for your dog, Urban Pooch's innovative LEVELS program offers unlimited training sessions during your enrollment.

Instead of being restricted to one class at the same time of day each week, your LEVELS membership allows you to select from a number of weekly offerings, attending as many or as few classes as your schedule allows.

You’ll never fret over schedule changes or make-up fees!

Our Training Ambassadors can answer any questions you might have. Our Training Ambassadors can answer any questions you might have. Give us a call at anytime at 773-961-8880 or to begin the sign-up process, please fill out this Training Intake Form.

How It Works | How to Get Signed Up

Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3 | Level 4 | Level 5

Pricing | Items to Bring to Class

Policy on Payment, Refunds, Cancellations

How It Works

Our LEVELS memberships renew on a monthly basis just like a gym membership. The monthly price of a LEVELS membership is a flat fee of $250. Your membership will auto-renew on a monthly basis until you opt to cancel your membership. Please note that you can cancel your membership at any time.

During your enrollment, you may attend as many class sessions as you wish as long as the class is at your dog’s appropriate Level and you have made a reservation beforehand.

***Please note that if you arrive 10-minutes or more after the scheduled start time of class, then you will NOT be allowed into class. No one will be admitted to class without a reservation and active LEVELS membership.***

Level-Up & Graduation

Regardless of prior knowledge or previous training, all dogs are required to start in Level 1. To ensure that your pooch’s foundational knowledge will prepare them for success as they advance.

Since there is no formal schedule for your enrollment, moving up to the next level depends on your pooch’s individual progress. Once your dog is able to execute a certain level's requirements, a trainer will let you know that they are ready to advance to the next level. This process allows your dog to move at his or her own pace!

If you ever think that you and your dog need to brush up on skills from a previous level that you have graduated from, you are always free to pop into any Urban Pooch LEVELS class below your current level during your membership.


All students must attend one orientation session before beginning Urban Pooch LEVELS Training. Orientation is for people only – not dogs, so please leave your dog at home for this brief introduction to the ins and outs of the program! We currently offer three Orientations per week all of which require a reservation to attend.

Sundays @ 11:00am (In-Person Group Orientation)

Wednesdays @ 6:15pm (In-Person Group Orientation)

Thursdays @ 4:15pm (Group Orientation Over Zoom)

How to Register: To begin the process of joining our training programs please fill out this Training Intake Form. Once you complete the form our training team will review and reach out to you with training and scheduling options. Because every orientation does fill up, all students must purchase a package when signing up in order to reserve a spot. Don't worry- your package won't begin ticking down until you actually attend orientation!

Age Requirements: LEVELS is designed for dogs 4-months or older.

Vaccination & Health Requirements: Click here to view our vaccination requirements.

Level 1 - Beginner


-Basic Commands: Sit and Down
-Focus Work: Dog pays attention to owner and clearly responds to their name
-Discuss Potty Training & Proper Crate Use
-Address unwanted behavior such as jumping and play biting
-Intro to proper leash walking

Requirements to LEVEL-Up: Dog can obey sit and down on command, knows their name and will look to the parent when their name is called.

Level 2 - Building on Good behavior


-Intro to walking on a loose leash with mild distractions
-Paying attention to the parent when other dogs walk by
-Introduction to Stay and Recall
-Address behavioral problems such as barking, digging, chewing, etc.

Requirements to LEVEL-Up: Dog can walk on a loose leash with good attention to the parent and no pulling on the leash, dog can recall on lead with small distractions.

Level 3 - Distraction Work


-Loose leash walking with many distractions
-Automatically sit when the owner comes to a stop
-Recall work at longer distances (dog to come and sit directly in front of the owner)
-Stay on leash with distractions (both sit and down)
-Respond to commands at a distance

Requirements to LEVEL-Up: Dog can do a 1-minute stay and a 2-minute down-stay with a small amount of distraction, dog can heel past other dogs on a loose leash (draped over the owner’s shoulder), and dog can be recalled from 20 feet with distractions.

Level 4 - Advanced (Working Toward Canine Good Citizen)


-Emergency down and recall
-Work on all CGC exercises (3 week CGC prep class can be taken in addition to this level)
-Longer stays – 2 minute sit, 5 minute down with owner at a distance
-Finish heel – cleanup so heel position is correct and straight each time

Requirements to LEVEL-Up: Dog must be able to heel off leash past other dogs and other distractions. Dog can be reliably recalled off lead from 30 feet away past distractions.

LEVEL 5 – Therapy Dog & Off-Leash Reliability

IN LEVEL 5 you may choose one of two tracks: Canine Therapy Corps Therapy Dog Certification or Off-Leash Reliability. Of course, once you master one, you may want to master the other.

Canine Therapy Dog Goals:

-Ignores medical equipment, other dogs, and squeaker toys
-Takes treats gently from strangers who are in a wheelchair
-Maintains long sit and down stays
-Performs all skills without the aid of treats

Off-Leash Reliability Goals:

-Refine all commands – dog responds to all with no hesitation
-Responds to all cues without a leash attached
-Long sit and down at a distance
-Greater distractions will be added to create “real-life” responses from your dog

NOTE: Dogs can participate in LEVEL 5 for multiple months – as challenges will be consistently added to challenge pooch and parent.


Urban Pooch LEVELS Membership: Flat fee of $250/month. This is a rolling charge that will occur on a monthly basis until you would like to stop service. The minimum commitment is only 1 month. 

Items to Bring to Class

Please click here to view what items you should bring with you to your session.

Policy on Payment, Refunds & Freezing Packages

Reserving Your Spot and Initial Payment

All classes and training services must be paid in full at sign-up in order to reserve your spot.


Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center cannot offer any refunds for training services at this time. All sales are final.

Policy on Freezing Packages

Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center will only freeze a LEVELS package under the following circumstances:  

1) Your pooch has become ill and cannot attend class
2) Your pooch has become injured and cannot attend class
3) The primary owner who takes the pooch to class has become too sick or injured to bring their dog to class
4) The pooch needs to undergo a surgery and cannot attend class during the surgery and recovery period (e.g. neuter, spaying, emergency surgery, etc.)
5) Your female dog has gone into heat
6) An unexpected personal emergency has interrupted an owner's ability to bring their dog to class AND the owner has made the UPTFC aware of the situation (and their desire to freeze their LEVELS package).

We DO NOT freeze packages for the following reasons: 

1) Owner is taking a vacation
2) Owner is taken away on business whether the leave was planned or unplanned
3) The dog is out-of-town for a competition
4) An owner has not updated their pooch’s vaccination requirements
5) An owner decided not to attend class for an amount of time due to personal issues
6) An owner took a pooch out of training for a reason that would have been applicable to freezing a package, but made no reasonable attempt to make UPTFC employees aware of this absence. 

All requests to freeze or unfreeze LEVELS packages must be addressed and approved by one of our Training Ambassadors who you can contact directly via our front desk phone line or at: info@urbanpoochtraining.com

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