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Urban Pooch Enrichment Daycare is a tailored program that nurtures your Pooch’s Physical, Mental, & Emotional well-being

We are very excited to offer you and your pooch an enhanced premium daycare service: Enrichment Daycare.  We tailor your Pooch's experience in Enrichment Daycare and adapt the activities and games to their unique personalities and needs.  

Part of the magic of Enrichment is that we match your pooch with other dogs of a similar play style - all in very small groups of 5-8 dogs, providing socialization and pure Fun! Our Enrichment Specialists are also able to share some one-on-one playtime with your dog. Ultimately, we design your Pooch’s daily schedule to provide a delightful balance of play and rest. 

Some of the Fun includes: 

  • Learning new tricks & new commands
  • Puzzle time
  • Licki & Snuffle Mats
  • Tug & Toy Time
  • Agility & Nose Work
  • Numerous K9 Klimb Games, and
  • Working on FitPAWS equipment

Dogs must be 4 months or older to participate. Dogs 6 months or older must be neutered/spayed in order to participate.

We ensure all dogs remain engaged throughout their Enrichment experience because we are consistently introducing new FUN games and activities to enjoy! Every day is unique and customized, never boring. Check out our video at .  We also feature Pool Time at 5400 N Damen Avenue, weather permitting.

We also mix in relaxing recharge time, which is essential to a dog’s emotional well-being, which consists of small group nap time or quiet crate time. We also provide cuddles during the one-on-one time, which is a favorite among our Enrichment Specialists. 

When ready to go home, your pooch will be tired & Happy from a FUN stimulating Day with friends. But - your dog won’t be too tired to interact with you and/or the family so you can enjoy your time together.

Turn the page to Meet our Loving Enrichment Specialists – Jorma, Karla & Krissi. We also detail pricing for this unique service, which includes a monthly membership fee. Participation is limited and reservations are required. We offer Full-Day and Half-Day Options.

Urban Pooch Training Enrichment FAQ

We value the unique characteristics of your four-legged family members and take a personalized approach to the services and care we provide. Enrichment Daycare incorporates some of your dog’s same traditional daycare fun with puzzle time and unique activities for each day. This is designed to provide an enhanced level of hands-on care and mental stimulation for our pooch family.

Meet your Enrichment Leads & Specialist Teams:


Enrichment Lead, UPCLC

Jorma has had an affinity for animals as long as he can remember. Starting as a dog walker in 2017, he honed his talent of taking photos to capture each dog's unique and wonderful personality. At Urban Pooch, he's learned the art of doggie daycare counselling and become adept at observing & discerning pooch behaviour. His love of dogs drives him to provide the best & most thoughtful care!


Enrichment Lead, UPTFC 

Karla has always had a passion for working with animals. Her experience spans working at a veterinary hospital to having managed another doggy daycare facility. Seeing how our Pooches thrive and achieve new goals has been very rewarding. Karla loves that Enrichment has helped many pooches learn & gain the confidence they need to be happier pups. 


Enrichment  Specialist

Krissi has had extensive training in enrichment and Loves connecting with our Pooch clients. Coco, pictured here, loves Enrichment -  playing with toys, learning new things, and best of all getting yummy treats! Krissi is excited to work with your pooch to help them achieve their personal best!  

Enrichment Daycare Hours of Operations:
Our daycare operates Monday through Friday, hours as follows:
Full-Day of Enrichment: 9am - 5pm
Half-Day A.M. of Enrichment: 9am - 12:30pm
Half-Day P.M. of Enrichment: 1pm - 4:30pm

Drop off & Pick up:
Drop-Off: 8:30am until 9am
Mid-day Pick-Up/Drop-Off: 12pm until 1pm
Pick-Up: 4:30pm until 5:30pm
Late Pick-Up (Additional $7 fee): 5:30pm until 6pm
Daycare ends promptly at 6pm, Pick-Up after 6pm is $40

- NOTE: All daycare services are final sale. Minimum 3-month commitment – Monthly Fee (Auto-Charge). 

- Enrichment Daycare is only available at The Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center - 5400 N Damen Avenue - 773.961.8880

Call us today to discuss and we can answer any questions. We have seen such tremendous results and such Happy Pooches – and hope you’ll consider participating in this exciting and unique program designed to nurture your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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