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Crate Games

At some point in almost every dog’s life, they will need to be crated. Whether it’s at the veterinarian’s office or the grooming shop, in a car or on an airplane, at a hotel or at Great Aunt Ginny’s house, you may be required to keep your dog in a crate. Crate training is also useful for house-training, preventing destructive behavior, helping anxious dogs, safely confining your dog when you have guests, preventing door-dashing, keeping your dog busy while you’re busy, the list goes on!

Our three-week Crate Games class will help you to make the crate your dog’s happy place – their favorite place to be. They’ll choose it when they’re tired, when they need a break, when they want to chew their favorite chew thing, or whenever you happily ask them to go to it. The conveniences of a crate-trained dog will astound you! Classes fill quickly, so enroll in this necessary and unique class today.

Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center can provide practice crates, or you may provide your own. Soft-sided (zip-up) crates are not recommended. Please bring a variety of plentiful treats.

Vaccination & Health RequirementsClick here to view our vaccination requirements.

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Duration3-Classes/60-Minutes Each

NotesThis class may be taken more than once. It may be necessary to repeat this class prior to moving on to Agility II depending on your dog’s individual progress. 

How to Register: To begin the process of joining our training programs please fill out this Training Intake Form. Once you complete the form our training team will review and reach out to you with training and scheduling options. 

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