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Are you looking for additional enrichment time for your dog during daycare, or interested in potentially trying out canine sports? Or maybe you already have a skilled agility/sport dog and you just want them to get more time on the equipment. We're now offering sports enrichment drop-off training on Tuesdays! You can choose between canine fitness, disc, treibball, or agility! And if you want to change up what they are focusing on week-to-week, that's no problem!

Rebekah Reynolds, one of our amazing instructors will work with your dog individually to introduce them to the sport and work on skills for that sport. We will work with your dog at their level, proofing their current skills and teaching new things! Your instructor will provide you with an outline what was worked on from the session so you can learn right along with your dog.

Just like with us, dogs can become bored, destructive, anxious, or even depressed without enough exercise and mental stimulation. Also, and again just like us, they can get bored of the same activities even if they're fun. A variety of enrichment activities promote happy, healthy dogs!

We keep group sizes small with a max of 6 dogs per day. So your pooch will get plenty of love, 1-on-1 attention, enrichment and training.

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Age Requirements: 6 months or older

Course pre-reqs: Some basic obedience is helpful, but not necessarily required. Dogs must be comfortable in a crate between turns with the trainer.

How to Register: If you are new to our training programs, you will need to fill out a training intake form first and submit all the proper health records, but once that is completed you can purchase either a 1-Pack or 5-Pack. You will then need to schedule your individual dates you want to attend. 

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Info
Please drop off your dogs between 8:30-8:45am* at the Urban Pooch Sports Annex (5401 N Wolcott Ave).
Please pick up your dog between 11:45am-12:00pm the same day at the same location.
*Please note we cannot accept drop-offs earlier than 8:30am. This is so that the instructor has proper time to set-up for the day and perform other essential duties necessary at the beginning of each day.

What to Bring
Make sure to bring with you the dog's standard 6 ft leash (no retractable leashes), flat collar (no prong collars or correctional collars) and/or harness, if you use that to walk him/her.

You'll also want to bring some training treats you know your dog loves (nothing crumbly or too messy). Additionally, please bring a long-lasting chew (bully stick, no-hide chew, ox tail, etc) or kong/lickimat with some kind of frozen topping (peanut butter, kong spray, etc.) so they have something to do/focus on between turns with the trainer.

*If you opt not to bring training treats for your pooch, that is fine, but we will charge a $5 fee to cover the cost of the treats we will use in your dog's training that day. 

Things For You to Know
If you regularly feed your dog breakfast in the morning, please skip that meal on days they are being dropped off for this training program so that they are little hungry and excited to work for treats.

Make sure your dog potties directly before being dropped-off for this program. Dogs will be let outside to potty halfway through the morning by the instructor, but please make sure your dog has done their business recently (1 & 2) before dropping them off with us. This way we spend less time cleaning up accidents and more time with your pooch.

To be successful in this program, your dog must be comfortable in a crate between their turns with the trainer. Dogs will be worked 1-on-1 with the trainer in short training segments to keep the training engaging and fun while also keeping break times relatively short between dogs. However, it is still important that your dog is not overly-stressed in the crate (some excitement and barking is normal in this stimulating environment) and can use those down-times to catch their breath and relax between working.

If the morning of training day comes and your pooch appears to be sick and/or injured, it is best to keep them home. Please just notify us as soon as you can that you'll need to reschedule for the day.

When dropping off in the morning, please let the trainer know if your dog has any allergies or ailments we should be aware of. 

By the end of the week (usually by end of day on Friday), we will send you notes and details on what your dog did on the days they were with us and their progress. So the notes will not be given day of, but by the end of the week. 

Please note that all dogs must be up to date on all health records we require for participation in training classes.* Additionally, all students must have a training intake form on file. These documents must be updated in our system no less than 48 hours prior to the start date of class. If we do not have all the required health records on file by that time, your reservation in class will be canceled.

*Rabies vaccine, bordetella vaccine and distemper vaccine.

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