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Trick Star!

Does your pup need more mental stimulation? Are you looking for a fun, low-pressure way to keep them engaged? Would you like to introduce your dog to a variety of fun and useful behaviors? 

Our new Trick Star class is a four-week course in which you and your pooch will be introduced to a variety of fun new tricks. Each week there will be a group trick that the whole class will learn together. Additionally, you will be able to choose 2 tricks from a pre-selected list to work on during class. Trick lists will be sent out weekly and you will get to choose your tricks prior to coming to class. Each week your trainer will communicate with you via email to confirm your chosen tricks and a station will be set up in class for you with all your needed supplies. This course is designed for dogs 1 year and up. During this course you will be taught how to use luring, shaping, and capturing to lay the foundational behaviors that will build into finished tricks. 

Week 1 Group Trick: Touch It (Targeting w/ an object)
Week 1 Individual Tricks to Choose From: crawl; find it (w/ just 1 cup); get in (sitting in a box); get on; (standing/sitting on a platform); high-five; jump (through hoop or over bar); kiss; paws up (front paws up on an object); shake hands; spin; tunnel. 

Week 2 Group Trick: Balance A Treat on Nose/Head
Week 2 Individual Tricks to Choose From: carry (basket or other similar object); close door/drawer; wobble board; sit pretty; shell game (find it w/ 2-3 cups); paws up (front paws up on handler); leg weave; jump through (hander's arms circled or over handler's legs); roll over; push a button; pole weaving. 

Week 3 Group Trick: Pivot
Week 3 Individual Tricks to Choose From: back-up; bow; spin left/spin right; head down; leg weave in motion; play dead; reverse circles around handler; go hide; pulls bag with objects; smoosh (press face into item); shake (like shaking off water). 

Week 4 Group Trick: Nod/Shake Head
Week 4 Individual Tricks to Choose From: soccer (push ball into goal); run circles around human or post; figure 8 (dog does solo); ladder; jump through tissue hoop; over and under handler; carry stuffed animal on back; poke head out from toy pile; dig or scratch; cross paws; jump up and down on cue. 

Please Note: Trick and Treat is a group class. Dogs who have trouble focussing on food in the presence of other dogs/people or have a history of reactivity should work on their tricks in private lessons.

Class Series Note: This is a 4-week class. Students who register for class must commit to attending all four classes specific to that series at that same day/time until the class is completed. We do not allow hopping between class series as to not disturb the unique flow each class and the participating students develop along the way. 

Age Requirements: This class is designed for dogs 1 year and up.

Cost: $150

Duration: 4-Classes/60-Minutes Each

What to Bring to Class: Click here to view what items you should bring with you to class.

Vaccination & Health Requirements: Click here to view our vaccination requirements.

How to Register: To begin the process of joining our training programs please fill out this Training Intake Form. Once you complete the form our training team will review it and reach out to you with training and scheduling options. 

Refund Policy: Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center cannot offer any refunds for training services at this time. All sales are final.

Class Dates & Times:

Sundays at 10:15am
Instructor: Edina Jacox
Upcoming Class Dates: TBD

Saturdays at 1pm
Instructor: Edina Jacox
Upcoming Class Dates: TBD

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