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Trick & Treat!

Does your dog love to learn new things? Are you looking for ways to keep that busy brain mentally engaged? Do you want to expand your skills as a trainer, build your relationship, and try something new with your dog? Whether you're starting from zero or already have a "tight five" ready to go, Trick and Treat will give you and your dog a chance to learn, grow, and perform!

In this fun and light-hearted all-levels class, you and your pup will work together to build up your repertoire of tricks. In the process, you'll develop communication and training skills that will strengthen your relationship with your dog for years to come. Instructors will cover different positive reinforcement methods of teaching new behaviors including luring, capturing, shaping, and training "loops," and help you figure out which method to use for which tricks. When you're ready, they'll help you build strong cues and fade your prompts so that you and your dog can really impress your friends!

Tricks covered will depend on your interests and previous experience, but may include: Sit, Down, Shake, Spin, Sit Pretty, Roll Over, Bow, Crawl, Back up, Jump, Under, Climb, Dance, Hold, Play Dead, Paw Stand, Leg Weaves, Go To Bed, Get Your Leash, Put Away Your Toys, and Find Mom/Find Dad.

Want to make it official?:The American Kennel Club offers AKC Trick Dog titles! Interested students will be coached towards earning an official AKC Trick Dog title at the Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced level. Testing will take place in the final week of class.

Please Note:Trick and Treat is a group class that takes place in one of our smaller rooms. Dogs who have trouble focussing on food in the presence of other dogs or people should work on their tricks in private lessons!

Please make sure to take classes in the proper order (#1, #2, #3 & then #4):There is no need to repeat a class. It does not matter on which day or time you attend class or with which instructor. Classes just need to be completed sequentially.

Age Requirements: This class is designed for dogs 4-months or older.

Cost: $160

Duration: 4-Classes/60-Minutes Each

What to Bring to Class: Click here to view what items you should bring with you to class.

Vaccination & Health Requirements: Click here to view our vaccination requirements.

How to Register: To begin the process of joining our training programs please fill out this Training Intake Form. Once you complete the form our training team will review and reach out to you with training and scheduling options. 

Refund Policy: Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center cannot offer any refunds for training services at this time. All sales are final.

Class Dates & Times (Classes Start August 2021):

Class #1
Mondays @ 6pm
Tuesdays @ 12pm

Class #2
Tuesdays @ 6:15pm
Fridays @ 2:15pm

Class #3
Wednesdays @ 5pm
Saturdays @ 1:15pm

Class #4
Wednesdays @ 12:45pm
Thursdays @ 7:15pm

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