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Learn More About Private Dog Training at Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center

Private lessons are great for dogs who struggle in group classes or owners who prefer one-on-one attention. Our trainers can work with you and your dog at Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Center or come to your home. 


Skills-focused one-on-one coaching.


Management and Behavior Modification, tailored to you and your dog.

Private Lessons help you and your dog make progress on specific skills in a single lesson. A 30-minute lesson can address 1-2 skills, and the 60-minute lesson can address 2-3. The number of lessons required to complete a skill depends on the complexity of the task, how thoroughly it needs to be trained, and you and your dog's starting place. Does your dog struggle with a behavioral issue such as resource guarding, "stranger danger," or trouble with separation? Are you approaching a significant life change such as introducing a new human or animal to your household, and you're not sure how to prepare your dog? Do you want ongoing support from someone who's been there before? The certified trainers on our Behavior Team have experience with cases like yours and can help you find a path forward.

Skills such as...
  • Polite Greetings
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Come When Called
  • Attention and Eye Contact
  • Basics such as Sit, Down, Stand and Stay
  • Harnessing/Leashing Up
  • Target training such as Go-to-Bed or Touch Targets
  • Potty Training
  • Puppy Mouthing
  • Play Skills such as Fetch, Tug (with humans), and ALL DONE
  • Sport-Specific Skills Training including Agility, Nosework, Rally, Conformation, and Fitness
Skills covered in Private Lessons, plus...
  • Leash and/or Barrier Reactivity
  • Intense Barking and Lunging
  • Aggression
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Separation Distress
  • Hyperactivity and Hyperfocus
  • Preparing for Baby
  • Handling Challenges
  • Moving House or Combining Households
  • Implementing a Veterinary Behaviorst's Behavior Modification Plan

Does this Service Address Problem Behaviors?

When your dog just needs to learn HOW to do something differently, then YES! For example...

  • Your dog jumps on people because they haven't learned the skill of keeping all four paws on the floor,
  • Or your dog doesn't come when called because they haven't developed the skill of responding in the presence of distractions,
  • Or your dog pulls on a leash because they haven't learned how to keep it loose.

These kinds of behaviors are problematic for you, but from your dog's perspective, they are simply skills to be learned. Private Lessons give you one-on-one coaching to teach your dog the skills that will make living with them a joy.

Absolutely and we fully support you through the process. In addition to skills training, Behavior Solutions allow you to develop the longer-term relationships and support systems needed to address to approach your dog in an all-encompassing, holistic manner and/or address challenging behavior issues.

In a series of three sessions, your trainer will work with you to assess your dog's behavior, identify management solutions you can implement right away, and get you started on a behavior modification program to address the root cause of the problem. In between sessions, we have your back with email follow-up and support. And if you want to keep working with us, additional sessions are easy to add on!

This Service Includes

  • One-on-One Teaching from a Certified Trainer
  • 30 or 60 Minute Lessons
  • Skills Training

  • A series of three training sessions (1x 60 minute session & 2x 30 minute sessions), typically 1-2 weeks apart, conducted either in person or over Zoom
  • Contemporary, force-free training techniques that are based in science and prioritize your dog's well-being and relationship with you
  • Practical recommendations for safety and management, plus help with implementation and troubleshooting
  • Written instructions for relevant behavior modification protocols
  • Hands-on or video demonstrations of exercises and techniques, so you can feel confident training your dog
  • Friendly, patient coaching from a trainer who respects your experience and relationship with your dog
  • Thoughtful referrals and reports to veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists, and other professionals as needed
  • Unlimited email support between sessions


Obedience & Behavior
60 minutes: $145*  

30 minutes: $75*

In-Home Training
We offer in-home training sessions for clients who live within 4 miles of our facility (5400 N Damen Ave). These are done as 75-minute appointments and cost $215

45 minutes: $95

Pack of 3 private training sessions (1x 60 minute session & 2x 30 minute sessions + unlimited communication w/ your instructor for the duration of your package): $395*

*Clients must commit to a package of 3 sessions when initially signing up for the program. This includes follow-up materials and email/video support between sessions to ensure your dog is progressing between these private training appointments.

Vaccination & Health Requirements: Click here to view our vaccination requirements.

What to Bring to Your Session: Click here to view what items you should bring with you to your session.

How to Register: To begin the process of joining our training programs please fill out this Training Intake Form. Once you complete the form our training team will review and reach out to you with training and scheduling options. 

Please Note: All private training sessions MUST be paid-in-full at the time of booking the appointment. Cancellations must be called in at least 24-hours before the scheduled session or else the fee will be forfeited.

What Our Customers Say

We’re proud to provide the city’s largest team of differentiated, award-winning trainers, who can solve any behavior issue.