Puppy PlayCare

AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY AT Urban Pooch Training & Fitness Centre - 5400 N Damen Ave.

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Fun, Learn & Socialize

NEW - Urban Pooch Puppy PlayCare

Fun, Learn & Socialize

We are Super Excited to announce a New Opportunity for Puppies - 9-16 weeks to Learn, Have FUN & Socialize with other Puppy Friends!

Introducing Urban Pooch Puppy PlayCare  – The Fun Begins Wednesday, August 5th!

Our Experts have designed a truly enriching experience for Puppies to thrive and flourish - and socialize with other puppies in a safe, guided environment filled with positive reinforcement. These sessions help your Puppy grow during their most crucial developmental stages.  

Urban Pooch Puppy PlayCare consists of 2 hour-sessions that include:

  • Maximum of 5 Puppies to a playgroup
  • Short Play Sessions with breaks
  • Puppy Enrichment Activities to stimulate eager, growing minds
  • Potty Time
  • Crate Time to relax and reinforce good crate behavior

Your Puppy is required to only have vaccinations appropriate for their age, have a negative fecal exam, and be in good health. Only young puppies up to 16 weeks of age will be in the same room as your puppy. Safe + FUN!
You can book a reservation in one of 2-3 Different available times each day. Each session is $25, with extra savings if you purchase a Pass of 10 or more sessions.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

  • Monday: 9 - 11am
  • Tuesday: 9 - 11am
  • Wednesday: 9 - 11am 
  • Thursday: 9 - 11am
  • Friday: 9 - 11am

We’ll be using our PunchPass Reservation System and we’ll guide you on signing in and how easy it is to book. Your Puppy can enjoy a few days or up to 5 days/week! FUN & Happy Times await! 
You can purchase the following:

  • $25   - 1-time Try It Pass
  • $125 - 5 Visit Pass
  • $235 - 10 Visit Pass (SAVE $15)
  • $350 - 15 Visit Pass (SAVE $25 - 1 visit FREE!)

Please call our Training Ambassador at 773-961-8880 – Press 1 - to sign-up and get started! If your Puppy is over 16 weeks - they can participate in Daycare and/or our Premium Service - Enrichment Daycare. 
Please ask us for details.

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